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Experts at Alabama Wholesale Diamonds are highly qualified to appraise your fine jewelry, diamonds and gemstones. With years of experience in the line and gemological training, they can professionally evaluate the current value of your precious keepsakes.

Though these items are priceless for you, it is important to remember that due to changing market conditions, the value of metal and gemstones are constantly changing. The price of gold has increased tremendously over the last few years, and so is the value of your items.

Jewelry appraisals are required for insuring your jewelry. In case your jewelry is lost or damaged, to settle the claim, the insurance company will refer to the appraisal you have. An outdated appraisal of your valuables can cost you a lot for being under-insured.

It is advisable to get the jewelry appraisal done every three to five years. If you have inherited a jewelry piece or an engagement ring which you are wearing regularly, we can provide appraisal for them all. First, we will advise you to check with your insurance company for their exact requirements as many companies require recent appraisal of the jewelry which is not more than two years old.

Our Certified Jewelry Appraiser can give you a fair, accurate and detailed appraisal for:
  • Insurance to cover against loss, theft, or damage
  • Estate evaluation
  • Value comparison
  • Liquidation

Most homeowners and renters' policies do not cover fine jewelry and watches without a separate policy. If they do, it is for a limited amount. With an up to date appraisal and proper insurance, you can enjoy wearing your jewelry everyday.

Want to know more about our Appraisal services? Please Contact Us or visit our store in Birmingham, AL.

Apprasial Serviace At Alabama Wholesale Diamonds
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